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So glad you are here!

My name is Destiny, and I am the founder of The Little Eco Shoppe. The Little Eco Shoppe, LES, offers eco-friendly and sustainable products for anyone looking to reduce their consumption of disposable single-use products. 
I started LES when I couldn’t find a local brick and mortar store in my community I can go to that offered eco-friendly and sustainable products, as I am striving for a more intentional lifestyle. LES is to support anyone in the community who wants to start small and try some of my favorite eco-friendly/sustainable products to introduce in their daily routine. You can find LES at your local farmers market in the treasure coast, visit our home page for the monthly schedule on where you can find us. 
We welcome anyone who is willing to learn more about new products, try a few, and find what works best for them. If you are new to intentional and sustainable living, you can read more on how I started my journey as a new mom on my blog page. 
Our philosophy is that big changes start small. Living a zero waste lifestyle may not be attainable for everyone, but choosing sustainable products and brands with an ethical focus mission has a great impact. 
We thank you for visiting us and looking forward to meeting you at our upcoming events. 

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